The Limitless 6 Week Transformation Program

If you’d LOVE to unlock your inner SELF CONFIDENCE, Finally feel comfortable in ANY clothes you wear and become the most confident version of yourself, THIS is your solution.

Sessions take place @ Parkhurst Primary School Hall on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 6am

100 + Success Stories and Counting.


Here’s what some of our ladies have to say about our program…

Sharon Rix

It is an absolute pleasure working out with Ricky and his team. They manage to find the perfect balance between professionalism and friendliness. The training sessions are fun, and the team understand EXACTLY when to push me harder and where my limits are! Thank you Ricky!

Beth Vale

I really want to thank Ricky and the team for all the personal guidance and support. I am SO excited to have the tools to manage my health. But really, what I’ve learned is that I need a group of people around me to help motivate, challenge and encourage me. Ricky and his team provide JUST THAT! Thank you guys!

Karen Cousins

I had the pleasure of training with Ricky last year when he got my bod into tip top shape prior to my wedding! Besides being awesome company and lots of fun, my wedding pics are proof that he knows what he’s doing as a coach. Sadly, I’m now living in Germany, but if there was a Ricky in Deutschland, I’d be there in a heartbeat, and my abs would be thanking me! Miss you, dude!

Finally, a simple program for BUSY, TIRED and FED UP women who simply want to feel good, energised and bursting with confidence every day.When you feel FED UP and FRUSTRATED when you look in the mirror, there are only 2 choices:


You can ACCEPT your current circumstances and stay exactly where you are telling yourself a lie each day that you’re OK with it, while ignoring the fact you’re really tormented by watching all your favourite clothes gather dust in your wardrobe while you wear the baggy ‘fat hiding’ ones.


You can say to yourself ‘you know what, I’ve had enough of this sh*t’, and fight back against the “I’m OK with it” voices and make the conscious DECISION to make a change and become truly confident – physically and emotionally.

And that’s exactly what all the women I’ve already helped realised once they were able to take the first steps and overcome the daily challenges they were up against, having complete control over their body, fitness and health.

They were in the position to fully enjoy waking up each day with supercharged confidence and energy.

And that’s the reason I’ve made it my lifelong mission to help women just like you. There are to many women beating themselves up everyday because they are struggling, feel lost, they’ve tried EVERYTHING (well they think they have), and they’re just….’DONE’.

YOU don’t have to carry on waking up every morning with zero energy and confidence feeling like you’re just ‘existing’ in the world.

All You Really Want Is To Feel Confident, Empowered And
Full Of Life, right?

You want to be that SEXY, SASSY and CONFIDENT women that feels she can do anything and everything she sets her mind to.

You want to be that women who is not only physically strong and fit, but is EMOTIONALLY strong too.

You want to be that women that turns heads, not only because you look fit and healthy, but because you breath confidence, success and drive.

If you’re keen to get involved and FINALLY move your life, body and health forwards, tap the button below.

Here’s some feedback from my happy clients…

This is for you IF

…you are tired and rushed off your feet with the demands of life being a mom or business owner, and you need a CLEAR, step by step path to success

…you’re tired of putting all this work in, trying new diets and programs, and just not seeing the results you’re after

…you’re tired of losing weight, only to regain it all back again (PLUS SOME!)

And finally…

You want an easy to follow program, combined with a thriving community of like minded ladies, who are in the same boat as you, and all push you to achieve your goals.

Here is what you get when you get started…

Guaranteed Results

Using my simple nutrition system and workouts, you will get unbelievable results, while still enjoying ALL the foods you love. (Yip, the wine can stay, if you want it too 😉 )

Me and My WHOLE team, right by your side

We will be there with you every step of the way, and won’t let you fall for a single moment.

Targeted Training Sessions

We make sure our sessions are short, but effective, to make sure you get everything you need in the time you have available.

Private Facebook Support Group

We make sure our sessions are short, but effective, to make sure you get everything you need in the time you have available.


My name’s Ricky and I’m dedicated to helping YOU live an awesome, fun, and enjoyable life.

I believe everyone is unique, and everyone – you included – has the power and drive to better themselves in any aspect of their lives.

To do that, I put you in a position where you feel comfortable and feel you CAN succeed.

I’m 100% committed to giving you the BEST experience and results I can.

Why am I Different?

Before I got into coaching, I was navigating some challenges in my own life. I had a speech impediment (a stutter) and I let it hold me back for years.

It’s not 100% gone, and even today, it can catch me off guard BUT me getting over my stutter is 100% the single reason I am able to do what I do today and why I’m so passionate about helping you find your happy and confident place.

As my client, together we’ll create a plan focused around YOU and YOUR lifestyle to help you realise your goals.

Not only will I LISTEN to you, but I will also provide you with practical solutions to help you move forward in your life, focusing on your future rather than your past.



Where your new self begins…

Parkhurst Primary School, Parkhurst, Randburg, 2193, South Africa

Parkhurst Primary School

Randburg, 2193
South Africa